Lockdown Protocol

Yūrei's Introduction

A most difficult assignment...

Yūrei knelt, trying to focus his mind and meditate, but his thoughts were of days long past. He remembered a time, as a boy in the training hall, kneeling, his fists on the bamboo flooring, keeping him from toppling over. His back was crisscrossed with bleeding rivulets, those lines crossing older white scars, a reminder of every failure, misstep or lack of perfection.

In an odd twist, he had simultaneously made his Master proud and made a grievous mistake. He'd struck the Master, it could barely be considered a graze but it was enough to draw a drop of blood from the back of the Master's hand.

He'd not been allowed the luxury of passing out, having been given a concoction to prevent such, but it little to diminish the pain, leaving his mind fuzzy and unfocused. His back had been shredded from the repeated blows of the thin bamboo switch, his lip was bleeding as well, his teeth and pierced it in his attempt to not cry out.


His eyes opened, flashing back to the present. He was strapped into a shuttle's crash webbing, restrained by shackles using a biometric reader as a lock. Even with the colossal amount of sound dampening in the shuttle, he could still hear the roar of it's engines, their thrust pushing him hard against the webbing as he was lifted out of the cradles of Earth's protection into the void of a high Earth orbit. The noise slowly died down as the air thinned, then was gone completely, leaving just  the vibrations that came with minor course corrections on his way to Tartarus.

Tartarus was the highest security prison ever made. It's where very bad people went to disappear and be forgotten… so long as their stay was paid for by whomever wanted them gone. Some thought death would be easier and far cheaper, but some people you wanted gone, but available if you had a need.

He didn't belong there, not really, his crimes were fairly unnoticed but he'd been given an assignment. His task was to retrieve a Professor Sitomi and return him back down the well alive and intact. Barring that, he was to at least bring the good professor's neuralware processor and any cranial implants. He had seventy two hours once he awoke on the station to find the others he'd been teamed up with and get to a certain airlock, 17-D to meet up with a shuttle for planetfall. After that time, they were trapped there, prisoners part-time no more.


Badwolf Tanarus

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