Lockdown Protocol

WNN Emergency broadcast

Terrorists attack Berlin,

In a shocking attack at the Grande Royale hotel in Berlin, Chechnyan rebels smuggled a dirty bomb in the basement in an attempt to set it off, the hotel surrounded by corporate housing and government offices was a prime target for the rebel terror attack, thankfully the atttack was thwarted by Berlin's finest men and women in blue, all of the terrorists were eliminated and the bomb disarmed, no civilians were injured or killed and only minor injuries to two officers. The captain of the EOD task force was on site to disarm the weapon, which is being disposed of at an undisclosed location.

Chechnyan rebels have been fighting against European occupation of the CCZ for several months, and have been making headway, it is believed that this attack is linked to the attack in Brussel's just two months ago.


This is Katryn Lackman with the WNN signing off.


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