Lockdown Protocol

WNN broadcast

The world was rocked today when operatives of the Russian Confederacy were apprehended after the assassination of Enzi Medini the CEO of the French Ravagers and Beaumont the Ravager heavy gunner and fan favorite.

Beaumont was shot and killed during a photo shoot at the ICL retreat in Brussel, Belgium. Enzo Medini was also on site and was assassinated by means of an explosive attached to his corporate limo, he leaves a daughter behind, in the wake of this tragedy Graystone Industries has stepped up and put in a bid to take over management of the Ravagers. The Russian Confederacy has been banned from participation in the upcoming tournament championship game. Leaving only 3 teams to compete for the title.


This is Katryn Lackman with the WNN signing off.


Badwolf Badwolf

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