They say you're the best money can buy, well I hope those rumors are true, because you now work for me, for the next two years you are my operatives, you will be well paid, and want for nothing, so long as you complete your missions according to protocol. I have no room or need for slackers or Blue Falcons, stealth is key in a majority of these mission, that's not say that on occasion I won't need or want something destroyed or someone killed in a very public and loud manner, it just won't be common practice.

Sign on the dotted line. and Done. Welcome aboard.

You may address me as sir or Zed if you prefer.


OOC Starting Notes:
The first generation of characters for this game will be 80 point characters. Any made in the future will be high-rolled (2D10’s re-roll 1’s & 2’s, keep the higher number.)

Party members may sell out
Party size will be 3 – 5
Espionage and Wetwork experience a plus.
Note: This game will start in the year 2077

Lockdown Protocol

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